Classical Christian Education


Our Christian faith permeates all that we are. Each student is cherished and respected as an individual created Imago Dei. We have regular chapel services where the Word of God is taught, and His truths are contemplated.  Our courses are shaped by the fact that all truth is God’s truth—His beauty is found in the rose petals and amidst the stars, in letters of St. Paul and in Shakespearean sonnets. Most importantly, all faculty are devoted Christians, with a zeal for their subjects and committed to the intellectual and spiritual growth of our students. We believe that an authentically Christian education equips students with the intellectual and moral strength necessary to live a good life, based upon unchanging truth. This is the essence of a Christian worldview. And even though our modern world echoes with a million competing voices about the nature of truth, or goodness or beauty, at Heritage we affirm that there are inviolable principles of human flourishing that remain fixed across the centuries. These truths form the heritage that has been handed down to us. Authentic education is the vital task of receiving and preserving this inheritance.


Classical Christian Education is an intellectual and spiritual endeavor whereby we encounter the best that has been thought and said in our cultural inheritance. Through a uniquely classical curriculum and a devoted Christian faculty, our students strive to enrich their minds, expand their imaginations, and elevate their affections.Our classical Christian curriculum is anchored to the seven liberal arts with an emphasis on mathematics and sciences, as well as history, literature, theology, music and art. Students take language courses in Latin and Spanish. Our classical emphasis on logic and rhetoric culminates in the Senior Research Project.  Through the educational venture they are empowered with intellectual and moral virtue necessary to collaborate with God and their fellow-men in the transformation of the world.


When a student enrolls at Heritage Classical Christian Academy, he is entering a curriculum that is built upon a centuries-old understanding of what it means to be an educated human being.  The graduation requirements, a well-rounded exposure to the basic fields of study, are aimed at providing the student an opportunity to be shaped, intellectually and spiritually, by the best ideas and most fundamental skills of our Western heritage.  Of course, not all student share equal interest in the variety of subjects we offer, therefore, each student has the opportunity to take additional courses in areas of particular interest, while omitting courses in areas of less interest. We offer a single college-preparatory diploma, affirming that the essential elements our core curriculum provide a solid foundation for all post-secondary options and beyond. High standards are necessary for excellence, but so also is genuine support of a skilled and caring faculty who strive to make their courses predictable in a supportive environment where the only thing that is challenging is the subject itself.