Classical Christian Education

Classical Education trains students in knowledge, understanding and wisdom through the three disciplines of the Trivium: Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric. Each of these disciplines is used and emphasized at different points in the child’s development – when each tool is most appropriate and easily mastered.


When students are young, their minds are most receptive to memorization and observation so Classical Education focuses on the Grammar – the foundational facts and principles of a wide variety of subjects: history, science, math, writing and reading, among others. Another way to think of Grammar is to imagine handing our young students the pieces of a large puzzle one at a time – a puzzle which we will be building together.


As students deepen their grasp of the Grammar and begin to mature, they become ready for debating and presenting logical arguments about how those facts and principles are connected – applying Logic to the causal relationships that describe how they fit together. Continuing our puzzle analogy, the students are beginning to pick up the pieces and look at them with a more discerning mind to see and understand how they fit together.


Finally, as students develop the ability to synthesize, they are introduced to Rhetoric, learning to articulate the meaning and significance of the connections they have made along the way – eloquently and persuasively. The puzzle is now complete, and our students not only understand the whole picture, but can use that understanding to teach and lead others.


More than simply mastering information, Classical Education teaches students to reason well and love learning. Throughout this process here at Heritage, our students not only learn the best of western thought, they also learn to use and apply it as Christian leaders in the world.