From the Headmaster

Welcome to Heritage Classical Christian Academy, a 7th grade through 12th grade co-educational, college-preparatory academy.

Since 1999, HCCA has been transforming students’ minds and hearts in a learning community that is thoroughly Christian with a curriculum that is vigorously classical. Our enduring vision is that such an education will inspire young men and women to follow Christ, each in their own unique vocations, as they step courageously into the world.

Plato believed that true education is learning to love what we ought to love.  Three centuries later Jesus uttered the same truth with greater authority: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.” And so at Heritage we affirm that education shapes the entire person to live—and love— in harmony with God and His reality. This means that our curriculum seeks to impart not only intellectual precision, but also a passionate affection for truth, goodness and beauty.

Our curriculum and teaching practices are rooted in the classical Christian tradition. This means that an education at Heritage is an invigorating process whereby the student encounters the finest elements of our classical educational inheritance in the seven liberal arts.  We prize both mathematical precision and verbal dexterity, offering a full-complement of courses in all areas: mathematics, sciences, Latin, rhetoric, logic, history, literature, theology and music. This is a curriculum that will equip our students to follow their interests in any direction their post-secondary life takes them.

Our Christian faith permeates all that we are. Each student is loved and respected as an individual who has been created Imago Dei. We have regular chapel services where the Word of God is taught and His truths are contemplated.  Our courses are shaped by and informed with the fact that all truth is God’s truth—His beauty is found in the rose petals and amidst the stars, in Euclid’s Elements and Shakespearean sonnets. Most importantly, all faculty are devoted Christians, with a zeal for their subjects and committed to the intellectual and spiritual growth of our students.

As you can see, there is a lot going on at Heritage Classical Christian Academy. But ultimately an education at HCCA is about one thing—life. Jesus came “that they might have life and have it abundantly.” His mission is our mission. Our motto, Educatio Vitae, Vivens Veritati, translates to: Training for Life. Living for Truth.  That’s what we do here. We invite you to join us. Call today to schedule a visit.

For Life and Truth,

Lance Collins, Headmaster

Educans Vitae. Vivens Veritati.

Training for Life. Living for Truth