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September 6, 2017 HCCA Weekly Newsletter – plain text

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope that everyone in our community had a restful, extended weekend. It was such a joy to pull into school on Tuesday morning with a bit of cooler weather after a short break. It’s now September, and we welcome the coming of Fall, and a calendar that continues to fill up with all sorts of activities at Heritage.

Last week, I wrote a brief reflection about the wide scope of Christian education’s impact; for Christian education is cultural in nature. There is nothing that the Lordship of Jesus does not speak toward, and learning more about His reign spills over into all of life … as Dorothy Sayers says in her book Creeds or Chaos, “Christianity is supposed to be an interpretation of the universe.” Lord willing, we are sharpening our students’ interpretative abilities.

Not only does it engender connections in all areas of life, but Christian education is recreational as well.  Without the ability to read, how would we know God’s Word and see the numerous ways that He has revealed Himself through the writings of believers and non-believers alike (all praise to Him for His common grace)?  Without the ability to add, how would we accurately consider the work of His creation?  Without learning, how would we grow in our knowledge of Christ and become like Him?  How would we transmit all of this to the next generation?  Learning is critical in the Christian life.  It is a significant means by which we reform into the image of Christ, so we are to take it seriously.

Why then, is Christian education “recreational”? At the root(s) of the word, I can’t help but see “re-creation” … a restoring back to the way that things always were supposed to be. At the heart of all recreation is joy, rest, and nourishment to those parts of us that are uniquely human. We read books, play bocce ball, or sit on the deck while eating popsicles – all as means of joyful play and fellowship, partaking of the goodness of creation and pleasure (yay to desserts!) or finding relaxation to rest our hearts, minds, and bodies. We call this “re-creation” because all of these are glimpses of the way that God intended us to be. They give us small pictures of lives knit together in shalom.

This, too, is critical to the task of Christian education. Very much at the core of a Heritage education is a desire for students to learn those things that enliven their minds, hearts, and bodies so that they can better grasp what they were meant to be like. We are intentional about pushing students toward learning in community with each other (and, at times barring them from things that distract from that community) because we believe that a creational view of education would always be in relationships of diverse perspectives and gifts. We learn these things, not just because they have worldly importance, but because they are actually good for us. And, not just because they give us a glimpse of what we would be like, but because they point toward what we will one day be. Therefore, as St. Jerome says, “Then let us learn those things, the knowledge of which continues in Heaven.”


News and Updates

Front Desk Workers

I would like to make another appeal to those in our community who might be willing to volunteer regularly to sit at the HCCA front desk – or be a substitute for those who are regularly here. We have an increasing desire to provide structure to the daily routine of knowing who is in the building (students, teachers, and parents) and ensuring that someone is always at the school entrance to welcome guests, answer questions, and promote greater security and awareness throughout the school day. If you have interest or availability, contact the school office.

Website Updates

If you’ve been to the school website recently, you’ve likely noticed that we have made some changes, and we will continue to be adding pictures, photos, and useful information in our attempts to drive traffic to our website to promote the great things that are happening at HCCA. We’ve also added archived newsletters to the site, and will continue to figure out ways to make the website the best place for finding all current resources that you might need. In the process of making the transition, there are still some parts that are still being built and updated; please be patient.

Grandparents’ Day – Oct. 5; 11:30-3:00

This year, we will be doing something a bit different for Grandparents’ Day by providing a better glimpse into the lives of our students at Heritage while minimizing the disruption to classes that such an event can cause. So, all classes will still meet in the morning for an abbreviated time, but “school” will be dismissed before lunch. Students whose grandparents will be in attendance will join their grandparents for lunch and the day’s program at 11:30. After which, they will guide their grandparents to their classrooms for brief presentations from each of our amazing teachers, concluding at 3:00 p.m. More information will be forthcoming, but we wanted to get these times on everyone’s radar.

CrossBridge Carnival

To celebrate their 1 year anniversary at HCCA’s campus, CrossBridge Community Church (who worships at Heritage on Sunday mornings) is hosting a community carnival on Sunday, Sept. 10. The worship service starts at 10:30, and the carnival is from 12:00-4:00 p.m. There will be food, live music, and all sorts of carnival games for kids … all at no cost. If you live in the area or want to know more about the local church community that meets here on Sundays, this might be a good opportunity to come by the school.


  • ACT Tutoring at HCCA – One of our hopes is to provide better resources for our students and families to maximize their opportunities on the tests that have become so important in the college admission process (though we know that the measure of our students is far greater than what these tests determine). So, we reached out to Matt Darr tutoring, which is one the best-known and most trusted tutoring companies in the St. Louis area. Matt is unapologetically supportive of Christian education, so he has been willing to host a tutoring session at Heritage on Saturday, September 23rd for a remarkably affordable price of $50 per student. We want to fill the session with Heritage students, but will open it to others who might have interest if we don’t have it full by Sept. 15th. If you would like to reserve your spot, contact accounts@heritageclassical.org.
  • The HCCA college readiness seminar is going to be pushed back two weeks, in part, because of the extra shifts that Heritage is responsible for at Ditto that week that. So, the new night is going to be Oct. 9th here at Heritage at 7:00 p.m. We hope to bring in a few different speakers in to address various aspects of the college admission process while framing a Christian perspective of calling and stewardship of the gifts that God has given us.


  • Money for Pizza on Friday, if your students plan on ordering
  • In our July newsletters, I mentioned the $10 charge that students in Dr. Heckel’s classes have for class materials, rather having significant purchases on the Amazon bookstore. He provides the resources that rival textbook that could be found in any other class, but there is a cost that comes along with that production. This $10 will be added to the TADS accounts for students in his classes and due Oct. 1 for those that have not already paid.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 8:           Boys Soccer @ MVCS (4:30p.m.)

Sept. 8:           Varsity Girls Volleyball @Eagle Ridge (6:00 p.m.)

Sept. 12:         Varsity Girls Volleyball @Thomas Jefferson (5:30 p.m.)

Sept. 15:         Boys Soccer @Eagle Ridge (4:30p.m.)

Sept. 15:         Varsity Girls Volleyball @Home (5:00 p.m.)

Sept. 18:         Class Ring Presentation

Sept. 21:         School Pictures

Sept. 23:         ACT-Prep session by Matt Darr tutoring

Sept. 25-30:    Heritage’s 1st Semester week at Ditto.



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