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Classic Learning Test

At Heritage, we have chosen a new test by which to evaluate our students' progress. The Classic Learning Test is a college entrance exam that uses classical texts and methods to evaluate student learning. It serves as standardized testing for all our students and as a college entrance exam for our juniors and seniors.

The list of colleges accepting the Classic Learning Test as well as the SAT and ACT is growing. Many schools also have merit-based scholarships available for students who receive good scores.

Nationally Ranked CLT School 2021 Logo (3).png
2022 CLT School Rankings Award Badge.png

Heritage ranked 16th in the nation out of more than 600 schools the first time our students took the test.

In 2021 and 2022, Heritage ranked nationally for our students' scores.

The CLT website says:

"Given the CLT’s level of rigor, high performance on the CLT serves as a strong indicator of excellence in a secondary school… Many different ways exist to rank schools: graduation rates, student satisfaction surveys, size of endowment, elite college acceptance rates, etc. Our ranking is an attempt to directly measure education quality."

The test is getting the attention of major media outlets as a disruptor in the college entrance exam world.

Check out these recent articles:

From the Gospel Coalition, "The Ancient New Alternative to the SAT and ACT"

From the Wall Street Journal, "The SAT and ACT Have a Classical Competitor"

For more information about the Classic Learning Test, and to see which schools accept it, go to

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