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Events and Traditions

Every year our students participate in a variety of events to promote community and friendship. We begin our year with an open house before school starts. We have two formal dances planned by students and supervised by parents. We have two choir concerts and our Shakespeare production. In addition, our school families come out to hear our students present their 40 hour projects. At the end of their senior year, our Senior Research students present the culmination of their work and research and all our community is invited to come.



  • Back to school family night

  • Fall Festival

  • Formal dances

  • Christmas choir concert

  • Spring choir concert

  • Shakespeare in a week

  • 40 hour projects

  • Senior Research presentations



  • Senior Skip Day - The seniors at Heritage don't just take the day off, they decorate the school to leave a great day for the students they leave behind!

  • Purple Day - Once in a while we celebrate the color purple with an all-out purple explosion, just because we can!

  • Graduation Bricks - Students who spend 7th through 12th grade at Heritage are a special part of the strong foundation of the school. At graduation they are honored with a brick and engraved plaque acknowledging their part in the history of the school.

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