Covid Information

While we missed our students terribly, our teachers were able to finish the 2019-2020 year out with them, covering all the material in their classes. Our students are ready for the next classes and for the next year. Here's what some of our parents had to say about our transition to remote learning:

"Manish and I have been thrilled with the continued education that is being provided. You all have done an incredible job and we appreciate it."

- Suthars, parents of 8th grader and 10th grader

"We just wanted to let you know how thrilled we have been with how Heritage leadership, teachers, and staff have dealt with distance learning.  We are so thankful for how Hunter’s education has continued; how it’s continued in a way that’s kept him on track, without overwhelming him.  We praise God for leading our family to HCCA!" - Ragsdales, parent of 9th grader and new 8th grader in the fall

" I wanted to let you both know how much I appreciate your leadership at school.  I feel that Heritage has made the transition to online schooling with ease, reassuring the students and families that learning would continue at a high level.  I have been very impressed with the transition. Having kids in two different schools I was able to see how different the transition from classroom learning to online learning could be, and Heritage definitely fared better.  I know that the reason for this has a lot to do with the people in leadership.  So thank you both for all you’ve done for Heritage and the students.  You are a great blessing to them." - Queens, parents of 10th grader

"We are very proud and thankful for the way HCCA has carried on.  We’ve been asked by a lot of people, who are curious about how our kids are still “doing” school.  Thank you so much." - Enkes, parents of 11th grader and 8th grader

"As I sit and reflect upon the many adjustments being made within our homes, neighborhoods, cities, country and throughout the world because of Covid-19, I find myself considering the efforts being put forth by the teachers at Heritage.  For years I have been grateful that Mallory is part of such an excellent school and under the care of teachers who truly have her best interests in mind.  My gratitude now, however, reaches a new level.  In a time of such uncertainty and chaos, it's tempting to be overwhelmed by what-ifs and unknowns.  But it appears that you, along with the other teachers at HCCA, have developed a clear plan and are moving forward with intentionality and concern that our students are still given a top-notch education.  Thank you for leading the charge.  And thank you to all of the teachers at HCCA for doing what they do best....teaching our children and being an example of how to interact with the uncertainties of this world in light of our loving, mighty God.  Mallory is incredibly blessed to have all of you in her life." - Nevins Carters, parent of 10th grader

So what's going to happen in the fall?

The latest information about our plan for reopening can be found on our Reopening FAQ.

July 23, 2020


Dear Heritage Families, 


A little more than two weeks ago, members of a COVID-19 task force communicated to you our need to make several upgrades so we could ensure a healthier school opening in August. Among the most significant priorities, this list of needs included:

  • new windows and an attic fan to move fresh air through the building 

  • UVC lights in our HVAC system to improve air quality

  • a tent structure to allow for outside classroom space

  • technology options to allow for better connection with those students who might need to attend class from home.   

In great thankfulness to our Heavenly Father and to the numerous families who contributed to this effort, it is my profound joy to let you know that we have now exceeded our goal to raise $30,000 to complete these projects by the start of school. I encourage you to take time today to thank God for His provision. "...His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning..." (Lamentations 3:22-23)


With a little less than a month before school starts, it's going to get quite busy around here. We'll be moving quickly to make upgrades to our facility and further refine our plans to start the year. While the city and county guidelines for reopening school will require us to make adjustments, please know that we continue to plan for five day a week, in-person instruction at Heritage. Because healthy relationships among students and rich connections between teachers and students are core values of our school, all of our plans put a premium on protecting what is most dear to us. As our plans become further refined, we will communicate all of those details to you. 


I fully believe our plans will distinguish Heritage in the St. Louis area by creating an environment which honors the guidelines and recommendations while providing minimal disruption to our endearing culture and educational endeavors. We have much to be thankful for and proud of. 


Because of that thankfulness and pride, I invite you to play a greater role in sharing this story. We are looking to increase our social media presence. If you currently do not follow Heritage on instagram and  facebook, please do so today. Share our posts and tell your friends about the great things happening here. 


I look forward to reconnecting with and getting to know all of our families this year. Blessings to each of you. Go Hawks!


His and yours, 


June 14, 2020

Dear Heritage Families:

Your school Board is taking very seriously the safety and health of our school community – especially that of your children.  With that in mind, we are developing a safety plan for the new school year.  We have asked Matt Merrick to lead a Covid Task Force consisting of parents, teachers, and faculty.  While they are already meeting and working on that plan, there are a few immediate updates to share. 

Based on current guidance from state and local agencies, we are planning to start school on time and in person.  

We will stay open as long and as much as we possibly can.


Volleyball open gyms will begin soon. Guidelines will include:

  1. Balls will be wiped down often

  2. Players will use sanitizer often

  3. Coaches will limit physical contact

  4. Students may be asked to change clothes when they come and before they go home

  5. Parents may be asked to wait outside

  6. All players should be feeling well

  7. All players will have temperature checks as they come

  8. Coaches need to know who is coming

  9. Attendance will be limited to 10

  10. Athletes and coaches have to be able to answer “no” to all these questions:

    • Have you been exposed to Covid + patient in the last two weeks?

    • Have you had a fever in the last 3 days?

    • Do you feel sick now?

At this point our league is still planning on having competitions. More guidelines for games will be coming as we get closer to the start of school.

Soccer will begin as soon as we can reserve fields for play. They will have similar guidelines to the volleyball players.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for specifics. We are tackling items as soon as we can, while knowing recommendations may change as time goes by.

Questions can be directed to Matt Merrick,

Remote Learning Schedule for 2020 spring

This is the schedule we used in the Spring of 2020. If remote learning is necessary again, we will likely use a schedule similar to this one.

Remote schedule snip.JPG