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Heritage Classical Christian Academy

Head of School: Job Posting

Position Overview

The Head of School will be responsible for administration of the daily activities of Heritage Classical Christian Academy (HCCA). With the collaboration of the faculty and staff, the Head of School will oversee the management and organization of all faculty and staff, the academic program, curriculum, school culture, student discipline, the management of facilities and budget, public relations, marketing, fundraising, recruitment and development.


HCCA Leadership

The Head of School is charged by the Board of Directors to:

  • Lead all aspects of HCCA operations.

  • Select, develop, evaluate and retain quality faculty and staff.

  • Serve as the chief spokesperson for HCCA to parents, churches, and the community.

  • Promote HCCA in the community and develop and conduct fundraising programs.

  • Partner with the School Board.

  • Develop and implement future strategic plans. 


Spiritual Leadership

The Head of School is responsible to the School Board for good spiritual leadership of all constituencies associated with HCCA. In addition, the Head of School must:

  • Have a consistent time of personal Bible study and prayer.

  • Seek to maintain unity of the Spirit within the HCCA community in the bond of peace.

  • Promote the spiritual growth of the faculty, staff, and students.

  • Maintain an attitude of Christlike servanthood in all situations.

  • Be an active member in good standing with a local Bible-believing church.

  • Adhere to the HCCA Statement of Faith.


Academic Programs and Standards

The Head of School is charged with attaining and maintaining the academic excellence of HCCA. In directing the academic program the Head of School will:

  • Promote a Christian worldview in all aspects of HCCA, particularly throughout curriculum and student life.

  • Ensure accreditation of HCCA.

  • Maintain the values of the classical model of education..

  • Oversee the development of curriculum at all school levels.

  • Evaluate and seek to continually upgrade the quality and content of the academic program.


Management of Personnel

The Head of School is responsible for the attraction, development, and retention of all personnel employed by HCCA. The Head of School will:

  • Oversee the evaluation, mentoring and motivation of faculty and staff, determining and meeting faculty needs.

  • Establish and maintain personnel standards and policies.

  • Ensure adherence to all standards and policies, including disciplinary action and dismissal, as appropriate.


Recruiting and Admissions

The Head of School is responsible for overseeing all recruiting and admissions activities. The Head of School will:

  • Oversee the development of comprehensive enrollment data and projections.

  • Ensure the development and implementation of appropriate admission policies and procedures and ensure compliance with such policies and procedures.


Financial Responsibility

The Head of School is responsible for the financial management of the school. The Head of School will:

  • Develop and manage expenses in accordance with the annual budget.

  • Plan for significant capital expenditures in support of the strategic imperatives.

  • Work with the board to identify, cultivate, and solicit grants and donations.

  • Ensure appropriate financial policies and procedures are in place and in force.

  • Support, as needed, periodic audits by an independent CPA firm.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • The candidate must be a leader and manager.

  • The candidate must have experience in Christian education as either a teacher or administrator.


Preferred Qualifications

It is preferred that the candidate have:

  • Experience as a Head of School of a Christian school.

  • Master’s degree or higher in education or relevant academic area.

  • Experience and training in the classical model of education.


Traits and Characteristics:

  • The Head of School must demonstrate a Christian faith by a character that is above reproach and by a clear, personal relationship with Christ.

  • The Head of School must also possess a thoroughly Christian worldview. 

  • The Head of School must exemplify personal dedication to being a lifelong learner.

  • The Head of School must demonstrate a love of students and a passion to help others develop academically and spiritually.

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