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Classical Christian Education

Our classical Christian curriculum is anchored in those core subjects that transcend the centuries: mathematics, science, history, literature, theology, music, and art. Our style of classical is warm and grace-filled, led by a faculty of devoted Christians who know their students.


We read old books and absorb insights from the giants who have come before us. Our students learn to take time-proven ideas and apply them to life in the modern world. Every thought and idea is examined according to the standards of Scripture, to be critiqued or embraced. Highly skilled Christian teachers lead students to delight in learning. We study the Word and the world, the two gifts God uses to reveal Himself to us.


The tightly-integrated curriculum culminates in two capstone classes. In Senior Research, our students produce a thesis project on a topic of their choice. In Apologetics, our juniors and seniors learn to defend their faith with grace and love, preparing them for life beyond Heritage as ambassadors of Christ.

What kind of classical school are you?

Classical education comes in many different flavors. Our leadership has always been impressed with the work of Dr. Christopher Perrin. He is an author, consultant, speaker and the CEO of Classical Academic Press, which has many quality resources for parents and educators who would like to learn more about classical education. Dr. Perrin has written a guide to classical education designed specifically for parents. Click the image on the right to download the FREE PDF.

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