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Shakespeare in a Week

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Every year, the entire school puts regularly scheduled classes on hold to create our annual Shakespeare performing arts production in one week!


In 2002, Heritage first participated in Shakespeare in a Week (SIAW). As the student body grew, we undertook our first solo, full blown production in 2004 with our performance of Henry V. Two decades later, SIAW continues to be a favorite activity for students and staff alike.


During this unique week, all classes are suspended as students spend each day participating in the acting company or working on a committee. The committees work on building sets, creating costumes and props, designing hair and makeup, providing audio visual support, and creating promotional material. Before this week, lines have been memorized and some costumes sewn, but the rest of the play comes together between Monday and Friday.  


While the play isn't always Shakespearean, we always tackle a challenging dramatic production. By the end of SIAW, we have created a performance that is not only a wonderful learning experience, but is also a lot of fun. 

2004: Henry V

2005: Macbeth

2006 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

2007: The Merchant of Venice

2008: The Taming of the Shrew

2009: Much Ado About Nothing

2010: Hamlet

2011: Romeo and Juliet

2012: Twelfth Night

2013: The Twisted Tempest

2014: As You Like It

2015: Much Ado About Nothing

2016: All the World’s a Stage

2017: The Taming of the Shrew

2018: The Winter’s Tale

2019: Twelfth Night

2020: Tartuffe

2021: A Midwinter Night's Dream

2022: A Play by Any Other Name

2023: The Tempest

2024: The Bibliophiles

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