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Cost $2.2 million Cost includes all furniture, fixtures, and equipment. (4).png

For twenty-five years, Heritage has been transforming the hearts and minds of students through exceptional classical Christian education.  165 young men and women have graduated, entering the world with a robust academic foundation and an ability to find truth, goodness, and beauty in God’s world.  This year, our dedicated teachers have continued to pour themselves into their students, encouraging them to strive for both academic excellence and for spiritual growth.  Our students have accepted the challenge of meeting high academic expectations, and they have maintained strong grades. Two of our high school students have been recognized for their stellar performance on the Classic Learning Test.  Our houses have continued to lead in chapel and throughout the school as our community has grown, and many of our students have enjoyed the experience of success on the soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts, and on the nationally ranked marksmanship team.  This is the fruit of excellent education, of staying true to our mission.  It is also the result of thoughtful and generous support from people like you.

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Cost $2.2 million Cost includes all furniture, fixtures, and equipment. (1).png

Join us in moving Heritage Forward!

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