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Transforming the hearts and minds of students through classical Christian education.

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Thoroughly Christian

In every class our students interact with the content through a Christian worldview. Our caring faculty guide students as they encounter hard questions, challenging ideas and a variety of opinions. Students are encouraged to find truth, goodness and beauty in God's world.

Uniquely Classical

Our classical Christian curriculum is anchored to the seven liberal arts with an emphasis on mathematics and sciences, as well as history, literature, theology, music and art. Our style of classical is warm and grace-filled, led by a faculty of devoted Christians who love their students.

Academically Robust

Our robust curriculum is based on integrated learning and time-tested content. While the subjects are challenging, our skilled and caring faculty support the students as they interact with the course content. We present learning experiences that ensure our students thrive in the environment we have created for them.

Hear our beloved Dr. Heckel talk about teaching at Heritage. "At Heritage we get to teach in hope...a certain, future and present hope."


Listen to Mr. Brink’s interview on the Bott Radio Network. Follow this link to hear how our school and other Christian schools are thriving in our city.

The best way to learn more is to come visit us.

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